Technology Audit

We help identify the gaps and show you solutions before they interfere with your business.

Addressing tomorrow’s problems today

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Hidden Vulnerabilities

Systems may have security risks that leave your data and team’s work vulnerable to threats.

Lost data, stolen data, and notification of these data breaches to affected parties can risk time, reputation, and ultimately money.

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Operational Inefficiencies

Company processes may have been developed around old technology or newer additions  that may not work well together.

Employees are forced spend company time on operational busy work rather than on activities that support revenue and profit.

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Transformation Paralysis

Accelerating your digital transformation away from old tools may leave you with more questions than you started.

Finding the truth in what your business needs and having the team to support your company's transition is what will keep you ahead of the curve.

Auditing without the headache

We’ll help you identify, prioritize and address these needs.

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Identify Opportunities

We evaluate your current systems, understand your process, and identify improvements that enable your teams to do more.

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Prioritize Needs

Our prioritized roadmap eases the process of dealing with multiple  variables and stakeholders, creating transparency and manageable expectations.

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Cost-Effective Solutions

We’ll put together a plan to address the most critical issues first to optimize your budget and minimize disruption.

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Benefits of a proper audit

Enhanced Efficiency

When your systems are optimal for your business, you are free to leverage your skills with agility.

Customer Satisfaction

Your customers will appreciate smooth transactions, and an enjoyable experience.

Competitive Advantage

Getting ahead is important for growth and profitability. Staying ahead is vital for 
long-term success.

Business Continuity

When you know your tech and system gaps, you can properly plan and transition them before they become problematic.

Risk Mitigation

A tech audit identifies risks so you can stop them before they become active threats.

Cost-Effective Solutions

We’ll put together a plan to address the most critical issues first to optimize your budget and minimize disruption.

Focus areas for auditing

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Software Efficiency

  • Is your software still the best fit?
  • Are your systems scaleable?
  • Is your software updated and secure?
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Website Audit

  • Are you speaking to your audience?
  • How does the site perform?
  • Are you reaching customers in search?
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Network Infrastructure

  • Is your network secure?
  • How well does it perform?
  • Is there a user access process?
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Compliance and Regulations

  • Are your tools accessible?
  • Do they meet privacy requirements?
  • Is there a data breach mitigation plan?
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Data Management

  • How is data managed in the system?
  • Are you backing up your data?
  • Is there a disaster recovery plan?
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Emerging Technologies

  • What new tools could enhance agility?
  • Is data being leveraged effectively?
  • Where can you improve ROI?